Adio, SuperPippo Inzaghi !

Sezonul 2011/12 va ramane in amintirea colectiva ca fiind ultimul sezon alaturi de Sandro Nesta, Clarence Seedorf, Gattuso si Pippo.

Intr-o scrisoare oficiala catre clubul de pe San Siro, Inzaghi isi ia la revedere de la oamenii care i-au marcat ultimii 11 ani din cariera.

MILAN – Everything that you’re about to read is secondary to this. The first and foremost thing that I want you all to know is I played and won for “us”. Playing and winning without sharing the emotion is nothing, but you and me, us, we did it all together. We hoped, suffered, celebrated and rejoiced. We lifted cups and won titles together in our hearts. We have always been on the same wavelength. And no one can ever take that away from us.

Dear Milan fans, when I got to the club you didn’t know this. I was in a hotel room and couldn’t leave so as not to compromise the negotiations between Juventus and Milan. The first weeks, the first months, you studied me and we watched each other.

Then we fell in love. That evening against Torino. You were angry, things weren’t going well on the field and you were in silence. I started warming up and the roar you gave me made us win the match, pushing us into the Champions League and towards that final in Manchester. These memories as well as all those who consoled me in the difficult months of 2004 and 2005 and the shivers down the spine that we felt on 9 August 2006, my birthday against Stella Rossa will always be in the bedside drawer of my heart.

Athens. Football given to us for one reason: me and you, us, we wanted is so strongly, so intensely that it had to be given. Of course the reality went beyond our wildest dreams. 2 goals, against Liverpool, 2 years after Istanbul, the seventh Champions League. Destiny gave us more than we had dared hope.

Today I would like to thank with affection and emotion President Berlusconi and Adriano Galliani: their electricity and their ability to transmit emotion for me made me stronger and pushed me beyond any and all limits. But I also want to give a thought to those who, from the youth sector to all the wonderful clubs that I’ve played for, helped me to become the man and the player that I am today.

Thank you Milan, thank you football. Allow me to call you my own, the people of Via Turati, from Milanello to the offices to the phone operators to the warehouse workers, the physiotherapists, the doctors, the cooks, from the stadium to the changing room. All the people who saw me on Sunday with the short sleeves and shook with the hope that I would score. Ciao Carlo Ancelotti, I won a lot with you. Ciao to my wonderful fans who followed me the world over with affection and passion. Ciao to my team mates from today and yesterday.

Last of all allow me to thank my family, my mother Marina, my father Giancarlo, Simone and Tommaso. I never would have got here without you. You’re my strength. My dear Milan, I’m leaving you only because that the way life goes. The moment has come and you know it as well.

Ciao and thanks to everyone,

Pippo Inzaghi.


In cele 11 sezoane pentru rossonerii, Pippo a strans 296 de prezente si a marcat 125 goluri. Dar cifrele pot fi inselatoare, daca ne gandim ca de mult ori Pippo intra in ultimele 20-30 minute si salva situatia. Drept marturie pentru eficienta sa stau

– 2 Scudetto in 2003/04 si 2010/11

-Coppa Italia 2004

-Supercoppa Italiana 2011

-UEFA Champions League in 2003 si 2007

-Supercupa UEFA 2003 si 2007

-FIFA Club World Cup in 2007

Pippo lasa in urma cea mai glorioasa perioada din cariera si cea mai frumoasa echipa din lume. Personal, mereu am simtit fluturi in stomac atunci cand Pippo era la minge si bucurii fenomenale atunci cand marca…sunt convins ca acest sentiment este impartasit de milioane de fani din intreaga lume.


Oi, oi, oi, oi, oio, ioi, Pippo Inzaghi segna per noi….ciao Pippo, grazie….

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